If you’re looking for a lighter alternative, this might just be for you.
Credit: Photo: Kombrewcha

If there’s a time of year where you find yourself drinking more than you should (or want), it’s the holidays.

But you certainly don’t want to be the only one slowly sipping on club soda, either. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink that’s low in alcohol and a little healthy, you may want to seek out Kombrewcha.

Kombrewcha is a Brooklyn-based brand that produces alcoholic kombucha, the wildly popular fermented tea that has helped spark an industry-wide obsession with gut health.

How much alcohol is in one of these hard kombuchas, you might ask? At 3.2 percent, it sits comfortably between other ultra light beers such as Miller 64 (at 2.3 percent) and Bud Light (at 4.2 percent).

Credit: Photo: Kombrewcha

Where Kombrewcha differs from other light brews and low-calorie beverages is a commitment to taste and quality—the brand uses all natural ingredients such as black tea, organic cane sugar, organic yeast and real fruit. Cooking Light staff taste-tested Kombrewcha’s signature blend, “The O.G.,” and were impressed by the natural acidic flavors and tangy notes that are hallmarks of a delicious and well-rounded kombucha. Other flavors included a ginger blend, reminiscent of ginger beer and a Moscow Mule, and berry hibiscus—which was a staff-favorite given it’s lip-smacking sweet profile.

Beyond its light calorie and sugar count, drinking kombucha has the added benefit of cultured probiotic-rich bacteria and yeast (what is often known as a SCOBY). Nearly any kombucha one could come across is loaded with probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut, which makes Kombrewcha that much more desirable.

While it’s certainly not the cocktail of choice should you be looking for a stiff drink, Kombrewcha is a refreshing—and healthier—take on light alcohol alternatives.