Give your Thanksgiving leftovers exciting, worldly flavors.

Traditional Thanksgiving fare is the very definition of American comfort food. But that doesn't mean your postholiday meals made from the leftover turkey can't assume a bit of international intrigue.

Go ahead and wake up your palate with these bright, innovative dishes. They'll take care of leftovers with savoir faire, and provide a satisfying contrast to the homey holiday Americana. There are no involved techniques required for these recipes, and they deliver fresh, exciting flavors.

They also capitalize on the robust flavor of roast turkey, a culinary rarity outside of the United States. In Japan, a medium-sized bird can sell for about a hundred dollars, so a turkey soba noodle salad is novel on either side of the International Date Line. In Mexico's Yucatan, turkey is found only in a few high-end markets that cater to tourists. But the traditional lime soup, a marketplace favorite, works well with the addition of roasted turkey. And in Cuba's savory picadillo, turkey is a tasty substitute for the typical ground beef.