Perfect for procrastinators, Trader Joe's covers all of your Valentine's Day needs, from roses to wine to dinner plans.
Credit: Photo: Sara Tane

We've all done it before, waited until the last minute for Valentine's Day and regretted it while driving from store-to-store for the necessary goods. This year though, if you're prone to procrastinating, don't panic and instead hit up Trader Joe's. It's really a one-stop shop for all things romantic, from wines to chocolates to roses. Check out our guide below to learn how the popular grocery chain can save your holiday:


Trader Joe's is known for their vast (and cheap) wine collection. You can keep it simple with some Two Buck Chuck, or get a little more fancy with one of the February deals, like Grifone Organic Pinot Grigio or Coastal Sauvignon Blanc. If you or your honey aren't big wine fans, Trader Joe's also carries a great selection of craft beers and ciders.


If dark chocolate is your thing, you will not be wanting for options in Trader Joe's chocolates section. Try an adorable tin of extra dark chocolate wedges, a bag of tahitian vanilla caramels, or peanut butter cups. You can stick with a heart theme too, with Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies, or go a vanilla route with Mini Sugar Hearts.


When it comes down to it, flowers can be one of the most expensive Valentine's Day purchases. But with Trader Joe's, the flower options are just as thrifty as their food products. Get a dozen roses, in colors ranging from traditional red to fun pink, for just $12.99 from February 10 to 13. Another great option is Dutch tulips, which come in a variety of colors, and you get 10 for just $4.99.


If you're staying in to celebrate the most romantic of holidays while everyone else fights for a seat at any restaurant with an opening, Trader Joe's has you covered there, too. Pick up some whole-wheat pasta, Organic Tomato Basil Marinara ($2.49 per jar), and an Organic Baguette ($1.99 each) for a romantic Italian-inspired dinner. Or keep it casual and have fun DIYing individual pizzas together with Trader Joe's Pizza Dough ($1.19) and Pizza Sauce ($2.49).