These tips will ensure your little one's night of fun doesn't turn into a Halloween nightmare. 
Credit: Getty: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Staff

Find Flat Ground

This is literally the most important tip if you want to have fun. Find an area where there is flat ground and lots of houses for trick or treating. Nobody wants to hike up (or down!) those inclines with littles in tow.

Invest in a Wagon

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A wagon will be perfect for the flat sidewalks and roads you’ve found. It's inevitable that little ones are going to get tired or have a meltdown. Steering a wagon for them allows your child to stay with the whole group without their little legs giving out. They can also lay down for a little cat nap once the sugar high wears off.

Toting around sugary candy isn't a good look for a busy parent – wagons are handy for storing bags of candy when your kids get tired of carrying them.

Donate Your Extra Candy

If candy is burning a hole in your child's pockets and you're looking for a way to avoid the sugary excess, there are a couple of places where you can donate your extra loot. Giving candy to your local Ronald McDonald House chapter is a great way to pay it forward to families being served by the charity. There are also a few ways you can donate your candy to those serving in the Armed Forces – one organization, Operation Gratitude, will accept donations under their Halloween Candy For Heroes program.

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Host a Devilishly Healthy Snack Party

Have a trick or treating party before you head out. Have healthy snacks at a little get together before. Try these pumpkin muffins for the win. Pinterest also has lots of ideas for fun, healthy snacks with Halloween flare. Have your guests each bring a bag of candy so you aren’t the only one shelling out serious dough for those expensive bags, though. And if you don’t have time for a gathering and fun foods, string cheese and an apple before the kids start will keep them from overloading on only sugar.

Store a Light in Your Candy Bucket

Lights are handy so you can always keep an eye on your kids when it’s dark. I use glow sticks from the dollar store, which are the perfect low-cost investment for the big night. Kids love glow sticks, so you are already winning before a single piece of candy is in the bag.