Haven't prepared for your spooky celebration yet? Target has you covered.
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Credit: Photos courtesy of Target.

It feels like we've been hyping up Halloween forever, but the spookiest night of the year is actually next week (eek!). Maybe some of you already have your party decor, delicious Halloween recipes, and Trick-or-Treat candy ready to roll—but if you're anything like me, you still haven't picked out a costume, and you’re probably not prepared for the ghouls and goblins to be knocking at your door next week.

Enter Target: everyone's favorite retailer is actually giving us procrastinators an extra discount and free shipping for shopping Halloween must-haves this week. Spend $25 on Halloween decor (and costumes!) at Target.com and the retailer will give you $5 back on the spot—plus, if you order by Friday, October 26, they'll make sure your purchases will arrive at your door by October 30 for free!

Talk about sheer luck! I'll be adding these 15 party decorations and favors to my basket immediately. They're the best essentials to get in the spooky spirit and welcome Trick-or-Treaters. As for Halloween candy, I'll be heading to Whole Foods to pick up these 10 healthy brands, and I'll stop by ALDI to grab a few extra bags of popular candy on major discount for party favors.

Teal Trick or Treat Pail

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

This year, I'll be participating in what's known as the Teal Pumpkin Project—a program designed to help families with serious food allergies enjoy Halloween festivities without any exposure to allergens. Target is selling official Teal Pumpkin Project candy pails that I can display on my doorstep as a signal to the neighborhood that I'll have safe, fun Halloween treats for those who need it.

Mini Halloween Striped Pumpkins, 8 Count

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

These adorable painted pumpkins aren't the real deal, but they're too cute placed in a bunch on a party table or even by along your front door or porch. Grab a whole bunch of them for just $5.

Looking for tips to enjoy a safe, healthy Halloween celebration? Read on:

Shatterproof Halloween Wreath

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

It's like Christmas in October! This fun wreath will greet Trick-or-Treaters at your front door with a spooky twinkle.

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Patch with LED Lights

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

This is the ultimate showstopper for any lawn or backyard—it’s self-inflating, which makes set up easy, and you'll get to enjoy the twinkle of LED lights all night long. Simply fold up your pumpkin patch at the end of the night for next year's festivities.

Inflatable Jack Skellington from Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

I'm so excited to get my hands on this inflatable Jack Skellington—one of the most famous Halloween characters will grace my front porch without actually scarring little ones for life (that's no fun for ANYONE).

Halloween Mickey Mouse & Friends Candy Bowl

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Present your Trick-or-Treaters with the cutest candy bowl ever! If you're not planning on answering the door, you can leave this large candy bowl outside, as it's wide enough to hold enough candy for the whole neighborhood.

Halloween Sugar Skull Decanter

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Having an adults-only party? Your bar cart needs an upgrade for special Halloween cocktails this year—and what could be better than your favorite spirits stored in a decanter? This one will make guests do a double take all night long.

Halloween Sugar Skull Growler

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

You can store draft beer, pre-mixed cocktails, or your favorite mixers in this 64-ounce growler, adorned with the same appliqued skull motif—perfect for a matching set.

Animated Vintage Radio

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

If you're a big fan of classic Halloween jams, this faux radio can actually hide your iPhone or MP3 and speaker (or even a few candles!) The adjustable LED lights are a nice touch, too.

Halloween Bleeding Skull Candles

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

These are appropriately terrifying—as the party continues, the melting wax turns from black to red and the skull will slowly "bleed" out.

Skull Wood Serving Tray

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

This serving tray is scary good for serving fun treats, homemade appetizers, or cocktails. The Ouija-lookalike can handle all the spirits you're planning on serving—and more.

Skeleton Hands Serving Bowl

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

This wide serving bowl is ideal for any tablescape—the skeleton motif will fit into any Halloween decor you already have set out for your guests. Grab a few and serve a few of these 32 healthy Halloween appetizers at your event.

Halloween Grapevine Pumpkin With Lights

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Twinkling string lights are a Halloween staple to decorate your front porch with, which is why we love this collection of faux pumpkins that come already adorned with twinkling lights. Buy a few in different sizes, and your doorstep will practically decorate itself.

Hanging White Ghost

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

This 6-foot ghost will sway in the wind all night and can be attached to any tree or even hooked to the wall of your house. Spooky!

Star Wars Candy Holders

Credit: Photo courtesy of Target.

Are you team Ewok or team Darth Vader? These adorable Star Wars-themed statuettes can hold a bowl's worth of your favorite Halloween candy and will be the centerpiece of any dining table or doorstep.