Plus, you'll get a free gift from Le Creuset just for showing up.
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There are just five weeks to go until Thanksgiving—and if you're anything like me, you've already spent hours thinking about what you'll serve for the seasonal feast. I'm already anxious because I'm playing host to extended family this year, and this is the first time I’m cooking Thanksgiving by myself (eek!). If there's ever been a time where I needed help in the kitchen, it's Thanksgiving—which is why my ears perked right up when I heard about Sur La Table's plans for the holiday this year.

The luxury kitchen retailer has a reputation for stellar products and pioneering in-store demonstrations, but Sur La Table is also beloved for in-store cooking classes where students spend a few hours learning tips and tricks from experts. These courses tend to be tied to special dates (earlier this year, SLT celebrated Julia Child's birthday). Best of all, they help home cooks feel confident when tackling hard-to-make dishes.

This Thanksgiving, Sur La Table has launched a collection of special cooking classes designed to help you nail that Turkey Day spread. If you're travelling as a guest this year, you may be interested in the "take & bake" pie making class; or if you're a fan of making gifts instead of shopping for them, then maybe SLT's Thanksgiving Macaron workshop is for you. From bread making courses to a class all about the best Thanksgiving sides, Sur La Table is saving home cooks from stressing out this holiday season.

As for me, I'll be promptly signing up for a Sur La Table premiere class, which comes with a free gift to take home. This season’s signature course is the "Best of Thanksgiving" class, where participants will work their way through all aspects of a classic Thanksgiving meal: a roasted turkey, a mushroom-based gravy sauce, classic buttermilk mashed potatoes, and even dessert, a pumpkin mousse with bourbon whipped cream.

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Looking for Thanksgiving inspiration? Take a look:

Sur La Table's experts will also help you learn the ins and outs of roasting a turkey at home, including the best practices and things you should never, ever do.

And as for the free gift? It's a classic Le Creuset Heritage Baker, a tool that will help you re-create the best Thanksgiving dishes in your own home when it's time to get cooking. While the signature Thanksgiving cooking class does cost $95, the Le Creuset casserole dish is worth $75 alone, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

Sur La Table's Thanksgiving classes are scheduled individually at your local store throughout the month of November, with the main turkey and baking courses occuring on November 13, 18, and 21. You can secure your spot in the course right here, as you'll need a reservation to participate in most classes.