Munch on a fabulous meal while you watch the big game.

If you're a football fan, you'll sure as heck tune into the Super Bowl. Even folks who don't know a pigskin from a punt somehow end up in front of the tube with a group of friends, playing amateur referee and enthusiastic cheerleader. Unfortunately, Super Sunday doesn't always prove to be super―there have been times when there was so little action on the field that you might as well turn the channel to something more riveting, like "Wild Kingdom." But you can be sure that no matter what the score is, who is (or isn't) in the half-time show, and whether the commercials hold up to the pre-kick-off hype, you can salvage the evening with this great spread. We've provided a full menu of dishes that can be completely (or partially) made ahead.

Take the main dish: Our Chunky Sausage and Hominy Chili. Load it in the slow cooker on Saturday, and warm up Sunday. Even the Santa Fe Wraps: Prepare the filling a couple of hours before game-time, and assemble just before the guests arrive. The dip and party mix can also be made a day or two ahead; and the desserts as well.

Depending on the size of your guest list, pick and choose from the menu as you please. With this low-maintenance spread, when it's all over, there won't be a loser in the crowd.

Super Sunday Menu

Iceberg Lettuce Wedges With Thousand Island Dressing:
This salad is definitely a no-brainer. The dressing can be prepared few days in advance and refrigerated until the dinner. When you're ready to eat, delegate someone to cut up the iceberg lettuce and put the dressing into an appropriate container. It's an easy self-serve recipe.

Focaccia Garlic Bread:
This is best made and served right as it comes out of the oven. One person can do it since all that's involved is sprinkling a few ingredients over a Boboli and baking it for about 10 minutes.

Ultradecadent Double-chip Brownies
Puffed-up Chocolate Chip Cookies:
These are "winners" with everyone. Make them a day ahead and store tightly covered. They probably won't last through the 4th quarter of the game!