The Jewish New Year is upon us again, and with that comes the tradition of indulging in sweets and seasonal foods to welcome a sweet new year. It's customary to incorporate flavors like apple, honey, and pomegranate throughout the meal, but, for dessert, it's crucial (and traditional) to end on a sugar explosion. 
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani

Bake these recipes this Rosh Hashanah for the sweetest (and lightest) New Year yet. Keep in mind, if you're looking for a dairy-free recipe to follow Jewish dietary laws, swap butter with shortening, canola oil, or vegan butter and choose a plant-based milk to replace cow's milk. 

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Hibiscus Poached Pear

Autumn pears cook down in a delicious honey, orange, and cinnamon mixture. 

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Credit: Photo: Victor Protasio

Softened Plums With Vanilla Yogurt 

With only six ingredients, this buttery, honey-filled dessert is a win. 

Credit: Photo: Iain Bagwell

Pecan Sticky Wedges 

Lick your fingers clean of this honey-infused, nutty masterpiece. Replace half of the butter with applesauce to bring the Rosh Hashanah flavors forward. 

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Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Mom's Rhubarb-Apple Crisp

Apples shine alongside rhubarb in this delicate fall dessert. 

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Miso Caramel-Apple Pie

Forget salted caramel. Miso brings the same salty twist to the sweet dessert, with an umami finish you didn't know you needed. 

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Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Apple Galette With Vanilla Yogurt Drizzle

Whole grain crust and light yogurt combine for a hearty apple treat, with zero New Year guilt. 

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Apple Hand Pies

Individual hand pies are perfect for little ones, or to freeze for another night. 

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Double-Crust Apple Pie

Buttery, flaky crust underneath and on top of perfectly sliced apples. What else could you want?

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Whole-Grain Apple Cake With Yogurt Cream

Moist cake, crunchy nuts, creamy yogurt, and buttery crumble come together for the best dessert ever. 

Credit: Photo: Brian Woodcock

Walnut-Crusted Apple Pie

The real secret ingredient in this pie isn't even the walnuts—it's the vodka. 

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Pomegranate-Orange Tart With Pistachio Shortbread Crust

Pomegranate juice delivers deep flavor, while the seeds on top double as a fruity bite and burst of color. 

Hasselback Apples

This super simple recipe lets apples truly shine, all with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. 

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Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

Apple Spice Bundt Cake With Cider Glaze 

Gorgeous and sweet, this is a perfect end to your holiday meal.