We went on the most unholy of quests to find the best pumpkin spice products, and mostly found disappointment. Though one food product managed to shine through like a beacon of hope. 

Pumpkin spice is a divisive "food." You most likely either think it's the reason for the season or wish it would crawl back wherever it came from. With its popularity (any press is good press, right?) increasing on what feels like a yearly basis, the nation seems to have gone beyond the realm of sanity with what it adds pumpkin spice to.

My editor and I made the fatal error of attempting to write a round-up of the best pumpkin spice products. Between the random items showing up in the mail and a few requests we sent out, we were quickly overwhelmed with bizarre foods. 

My desk was originally the holding place for the many pumpkin spice foods, but soon the stench became overwhelming. Cinnamon and nutmeg, along with a tang of artificial pumpkin, never seemed to leave my nose. I would silently gag as I tried to eat my savory lunch, all the while with pumpkin spice scents dancing around my head.

Things had to change. I finally snapped, dragging a cart out of our storage cubicle and throwing the assortment of overwhelmingly smelly products atop. I wheeled them to an empty cubicle, and there they lay on the desk. I walked by on a daily basis as the pile continued to grow. The cubicle was soon overflowing with pumpkin spice bagels, protein bars, hummus, marshmallows, coffee, and even some unsightly moonshine. As the pile grew, so did my jadedness with the pumpkin spice trend.

But one day, everything changed. I opened an unexpected mail package, only to my annoyance to find more pumpkin spice products inside. Two boxes of Triscuit Pumpkin & Spice stared back at me like a bad joke. I called a few coworkers over to try them, hoping we could all laugh at each other's disgust, only for us to surprise ourselves by saying "Mmm, these are pretty good." 

I ended up walking throughout the office, offering crackers to anyone who would try them. Many members of the Cooking Light staff felt burned by some of the less-than-appetizing pumpkin spice products we'd previously tried, so certain individuals required a little convincing. Even the most hesitant amongst us ended up emailing me later asking "Are there any more of those crackers left?" 

Credit: Triscuit

Thank you, Triscuit, for making me, yet again, a pumpkin spice believer. With a faint hint of pumpkin, brown sugar, and spices, these crackers are mildly flavored enough that they can be enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings. Or simply plain, because they are just that good. Some of the foods we topped the crackers with included:

  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Red pepper jelly
  • Fig jam
  • Cheddar cheese

For those interested in trying these delectable bites, they're available for a limited time at retailers nationwide and will set you back $3.69 for a 9-ounce package.