We all love carving pumpkins, but getting more than one on your porch on Halloween is a hassle – the same can't be said with this fabulous find from Anthropologie.
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Credit: Photo: Anthropologie

Halloween is the perfect inaugural celebration of fall. It encompasses a certain autumnal mood that rings full of warm spices, crisp air, and glowing nights filled with legends and folklore. It’s one of the only holidays in America filled with whimsical traditions that don't happen on other special occasions.

Like Halloween's most iconic hallmark, for example – the jack-o-lantern. When do we ever get to carve into an enormous fruit and stick a big ol' candle into it? Nothing sets the tone for fall better than a glowing light on the first crisp night of fall.As much as we all love jack-o-lanterns, and the classic tradition of picking and carving pumpkins, many of us don’t have the time or patience for it. Unless you plan on roasting the seeds, the extra messy effort sometimes doesn’t seem worth it.

Credit: Photo: Anthropologie

If you’re looking for an easy way to get the magical spooky aura of Halloween this year without the fussy, messy work of a jack-o-lantern, Anthropologie’s Diamond Pierced Lantern is the perfect porch accessory.

Credit: Photo: Anthropologie

At $40, it's a long-term investment that really could pay off itself all year round – but especially on a cool, crisp fall night when Halloween comes around. Its weathered and cracked patina gives a worn and textural autumn look for the daytime, and when lit at night it emits a beautifully patterned lattice of glowing light.

Set a few of these out for a glimmering path for trick-or-treaters, or in the backyard for a twinkling border near a campfire. In whichever way, these lanterns light a beautiful spark for the beginning of fall.