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Credit: Photo: Anthropologie

You might assume that, as food editors, we have all the kitchen tools we could possibly want or need. But hey, any dedicated home cook can make a little more room in the kitchen for the perfect tool when it comes along. Here are 11 things our staff has on our wish lists—you may want to put them on yours.

A Better Cutting Board

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of John Boos & Co.

“I want a really good cutting board—somehow I’m down to one suspect plastic one, so something that’s sturdy enough for daily use, but aesthetically pleasing enough to leave out on the countertop would be nice.” ($170, Williams-Sonoma)

-Matthew Moore, community and editorial content manager, Cooking Light Diet

Kitchen Towels and a Vitamix

“I’ve been using really old white washcloths, and while I like the smaller size, they get stained so easily. I want a more sustainable towel alternative, like these ones from Crate and Barrel ($10). They're a perfect length for easily handling hot pans. I’d also love a Vitamix—it’s definitely an investment, but for flawless smoothies, soups, and sauces, it can’t be beat.”

-Elizabeth Laseter, SEO writer

Cast Iron Skillet


“I love that you can take it from stovetop to oven, and as someone who’s still accumulating kitchen basics, I love the versatility of a cast iron skillet. Plus, it’s long-lasting and durable, so I won’t have to buy one again for a really long time.” (12" cast iron skillet, Williams-Sonoma, $40)

-Antara Sinha, associate social media editor, MyRecipes

Chemex and Gooseneck Kettle

“I’m asking for the littlest Chemex ($37) and a cute kettle ($95) to make my morning coffee feel more gourmet.”

-Jessica Campbell, copy editor, Cooking Light

Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club

Credit: Photo by margouillatphotos via Getty Images

"If I’m going to splurge on a snack, I want it to be really special—like an uber-fancy cheese. And getting a different one every month is like having a present that keeps on giving. Plus, I read somewhere recently that it’s good for your heart." ($400 for 6-month subscription)

-Chris Michel, editor

A Quality Waffle Iron

“I really love waffles and I get a craving for them often, especially on the weekends. I tossed my last iron 2 years ago because it was forever a letdown. I’ve yet to buy a new one, but I’ve had my eye on this one from Breville (Williams-Sonoma, $280).”

-Darcy Lenz, editor, MyRecipes

Salad Spinner

“This would work way better than patting each leaf dry with a towel—which is what I’ve been doing.” (Bed Bath & Beyond, $30)

-Rochelle Bilow, social media director

Luster Wine Glasses

Credit: Photo: Anthropologie

I love the way these oyster-colored glasses shimmer in the light. They look so fancy, but I’d totally use them to make my grocery store wine feel more special. (on sale for $10 each, Anthropologie)

-Jaime Ritter, associate editor