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Joanna Gaines has made a name for herself as the most popular “homebody” in America. Her talents have led to popular realty, interior design, television, and food empires alongside her husband, Chip. Everything she touches she makes beautiful, and that is extra certain around the holidays. Here are nine ways she wins the holiday game this year (and, well, every year.)

She perfects “festive minimalism.”


Finding the line between festive and gaudy can be tough during the holidays, but Gaines shows you don’t have to sacrifice style for the season. She incorporates seasonal decor and utilizes greenery to enhance the feel of your home, instead of disrupting its style with loud trinkets and tinsel.


She prefers tradition over trends.


“It’s rare for me to get excited about a new holiday recipe or trendy ideas for decorating the tree,” Gaines wrote in the winter issue of Magnolia Journal. “I’m not looking for ways to reinvent this season. Instead, all I want is to gather the same ingredients for the same beloved cinnamon rolls that I’ve baked on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember.” Count us in!

She’s all about a “no-bake” treat.


The holidays can be stressful and the oven seems to always be full, so why not rely on a few no-bake treats that are sure to please? Joanna revealed her three go-tos last year: peanut clusters, chocolate covered peanut “cookies,” and Rollo-infused almond pretzels. Those salty-sweet combinations are sure to please at any age, and we’ve already done the leg work in creating lighter versions of each treat.

She made deciding on this year’s holiday decor and gifts ten times easier.


Gaines and her husband, Chip, released their latest Hearth & Hand holiday collection for Target, and it’s the stuff of dreams. From festive-yet-minimalistic entertaining pieces to precious wooden toys, Gaines has certainly reached “Queen of the Holidays” status. This collection is chic, yet affordable, making all our decorating and gifting decisions a no-brainer this year.

She taught us how to make our gift wrapping look Pinterest-worthy.


Gaines’s blog, At Home, is full of tips and tricks for every aspiring homemaker. One of her holiday-related posts is all about inspiring creative gift wrapping. She wraps each gift with simple, brown kraft paper and from there, anything is possible. Gaines provides simple ways to spruce up each gift with homemade yarn tassels, wooden letters, greenery, or festive toys and ornaments for a gift everyone will want to display under their tree.

Her holiday candles will make every corner of your home feel merry and bright.


Magnolia Market’s holiday candles are back for the season in two scents. Joyeux Noel is full of cranberry, mandarin, and clove, while Twelve Nights has notes of cedar, citrus, and Fraiser Fir. These candles are perfect for making you feel at home for the holidays, and will certainly be burned into the New Year.

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She starts celebrating (really) early.


Gaines shared her early holiday celebrations with the world on her Instagram story in October. She and her sister were cozying up by the fire to classic Christmas songs the night before Halloween. They were also burning her Twelve Nights candle in lieu of a Christmas tree. This means you can fully expect for Gaines’s adorable family of seven to be the first ones to scope out the Christmas tree farm this year.

She doesn’t care about having the perfect tree, and that’s what makes it perfect.


Joanna delves deep into the meaning behind her family’s Christmas tree in her Magnolia Journal essay, explaining that a beautiful tree to her is one that reflects family milestones and memories over the years.

“I want to decorate our tree with our same ornaments that we ooh and ahh over each year,” she wrote. “Our tree could never be complete without the kids’ handmade offerings.” Popsicle stick picture frames and handprint ornaments still have a place on Gaines’s family tree—even her daughter’s’ teeth!

Her cookbook is full of comforting, cozy holiday recipes.


If you haven’t flour-stained or butter-smeared the pages of Gaines’s cookbook, Magnolia Table, now's the time. Her cookbook is full of simple, crowd-pleasing recipes that will get you through the holidays and keep everyone at the table happy. It’s full of recipes suited for potlucks, intimate gatherings, and festive feasts. Gaines’s biscuit recipe is one you will keep using all season long.