This Halloween, Instagram is embracing a range of fruits and veggies, and it's spookily cute.
Credit: Adobe Stock

It’s no secret we love Halloween around here. From our favorite vampire-repelling garlicky recipes to spookily good Halloween cocktails, we have a lot of fun with the holiday. We also spend a ton of time on Instagram. (Shameless plug: pleeeeesseee follow us!) And we love jack-o-lanterns.

Lately, it seems like all kinds of fruits and veggies are getting in on the jack-o-lantern fun. From edible treats to cute decorations, here are our favorite, spookily-cute offerings, as seen on the ‘gram.


A great idea with one of our favorite fruits, maybe make a refreshing salad with the insides. 

Living somewhere tropical? Here's a cute alternative to the gourd.

These clever peppers are stuffed with chicken mole. Can you think of anything more delicious?

We’re loving these orange “pumpkin” treats!

We’re pretty sure garlic wouldn’t repel these guys!

Not into mole? This tasty little guy is filled with chicken salad.

Okay, these are just way too cute. We LOVE the idea of a fruity overnight oat cup!

Of course we should eat fruit salad out of… fruit! Why didn’t we think of that?

Okay, so technically, these aren’t carved, but we love ghost bananas! So much cuter than that terrifying haunted banana prank.

Okay, there’s a LOT going on in this photo, but we’re here for all of this healthy fun.

No, these aren’t carved either, but we’d like to give them the award for best use of googly eyes.

And finally, just a really impressive, frankly creepy watermelon situation.