Fill this calendar with wine, chocolate, pet treats, you name it!
Credit: Cooking Light

We’ve caught Advent calendar fever this year! From cute foodie calendars to boozy options, to several cheese versions (!), the choices abound. But we noticed that some of them can be difficult to get ahold of, are expensive, or maybe just not quite what we’re looking for. So, glue gun in hand, we set out to create our own, DIY version.

Since we’ve noticed the popularity of several boozy advent calendars, we’ve filled our DIY version with small bottles of wine, cans of Prosecco, and nips of bourbon and vodka. But the beauty of creating your own—apart from the fact that you can use it for years to come—is that you can stuff it with anything you’d like! Add healthy snacks (sprinkled with the occasional treat), fill the little bags with stocking stuffers, or even stuff 'em treats for your pets!

Best part? All of your “ingredients” (save for the fillers) can be found at your local craft store. For the colors, we decided on gold with accents of our Cooking Light signature grapefruit color, but the sky's the limit, and you can (and should!) customize to match your own decor.

How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar 

What you'll need:

  • 1 cork board
  • 25 small fabric bags of varying sizes
  • Colorful thumbtacks
  • Number stickers
  • 25 tags
  • Colorful embroidery floss
  • Optional: Tissue paper
  • Optional: 2 yards of tulle


The board is your starting point. We were feeling a little extra, and tulle was on sale for 80 cents a yard, so we covered our cork board with three layers of gold tulle to make it sparkly—it adds a pop of color underneath, but any fabric of your choice will work. You can glue it, but a thumbtack will easily hold the fabric in place.

Next, you’ll want to hang your bags. We recommend hanging them first, then stuffing them later.

From there, simply fix your number stickers onto your labels (or write the numbers yourself for an extra hand-made touch!), tie your floss to the labels, and use the floss to hang the tags so they float over each bag.

Finally, stuff away! We wrapped our little bottles in gold tissue paper so that the bottle tops wouldn’t stick out, and giving each day the element of surprise.

Now, the only thing left is to sit back, relax, and enjoy both your calendar and the admiring comments from your friends!