No tricks, just treats—Whole Foods is making Halloween much healthier this year.
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Rarely do you see the word "healthy" associated with Halloween, but that doesn't mean healthy Halloween treats don’t exist. We've all gratuitously handed out sugar-packed candies and chocolate bars in the past, but there are actually a few better-for-you (and just as tasty) candy brands out there. Best part? They're all in stores right now at Whole Foods.

These treats will please all the little ghouls and goblins in your house, plus you can rest easy knowing you've done your part to make your neighborhood a little bit healthier. If you can’t make it to Whole Foods by Halloween, you can also find most of these snacks and sweet treats on Amazon. Bonus: Prime members can get them delivered to their doorsteps in two days for free.

From organic dark-chocolate covered peanut butter cups to vegan gummies and sugarless pretzels, these 10 snacks are the healthiest you can buy for trick-or-treaters this season:

1) Justin's Organic Miniature Peanut Butter Cups in Dark Chocolate, $5.99

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It's no secret that our nutritionists are big fans of Justin's—they always pack a travel-sized portion of Justin's nut butter when traveling. Whole Foods sells a 4.7oz bag filled with pre-wrapped peanut butter cups dipped in dark chocolate, and each treat has just 70 calories, 6g of sugar, and 2g of saturated fat.

Looking to make Halloween healthier this year? Read on:

2) Smart Sweets Sour Buddies Fun Packs, $8.99

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Who doesn't love sour gummy treats? This variety packs an extra unexpected health punch—a whole day's worth of dietary fiber. These plant-based vegan gummy treats come in five different flavors, and each bag only contains 80 calories, 3g of sugar, and 80mg of sodium.

3) Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears Fun Packs, $8.99

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Smart Sweets also offers a fruity gummy bear that even adults will enjoy—each fun-sized bag also contains a whopping 28g of dietary fiber, plus they only have 90 calories and 3g of sugar. These gummy bears are tapioca-based, and lack all of the unpronounceable ingredients often found in other leading brands.

4) Wholesome's Organic Halloween Lollipops, $3.99

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These adorable sweets are shaped like ghosts and skulls, but don't be scared—each lollipop is free of artificial colors, flavors, and high fructose corn syrup. Each pop contains 30 calories and 4g of sugar, and is made with just six ingredients.

5) YumEarth Organic Candy Corn Snack Packs, $4.99

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Candy corn can do serious damage to a diet if you're not careful—one serving of the leading name brand, Brach's, contains a whopping 32g of sugar. If you’re craving candy corn, YumEarth's variety is a much better alternative—each snack-sized bag has just 70 calories and a more manageable 14g of sugar.

6) UnReal Milk Chocolate Gems Treat Packs, $9.99

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For those little ones who love the taste and feel of M&M's, this is a better-for-you alternative that features milk chocolate in a candied shell—plus, the generous serving size (40 pieces) only contains 160 calories and 17g of sugar.

7) Annie’s Organic Bunnies & Bats Berry Patch Bunny Fruit Snacks, $5.49

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We're betting your little ones have grown to immediately recognize Annie's bunny-shaped snacks. This fruit snack alternative is one of the healthiest of the bunch, and each snack-sized pouch has just 36 calories and 5g of sugar.

8) Annie's Organic Honey and Chocolate Bunny Graham Snacks, $5.49

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If your child prefers chocolate, Annie's has another variety of better-for-you snacks that are a riff on a classic s'mores flavor. Each packet of these chocolate-covered bites has only 120 calories and just 7g of sugar.

9) Snyder's Halloween Pretzel Snack Packs, $3.49

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There's more to Halloween than just sugar and chocolate—and if you have a child that is following a dairy-free diet, that rules out a lot of options. Snyder's of Hanover puts out a fun-size pack of Halloween-themed pretzels for a savory treat, and while there's a little more sodium in this option (120mg per bag), it's still a low-cal snack (50 calories in total).

10) Garden Veggie's Ghosts & Bats Sea Salt Veggie Chips in Snack Packs, $7.99

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These spooky Halloween-themed chips contain 30 percent less fat than most potato chip brands—and each bag has just 70 calories and 150mg of sodium.