You don't want them to gorge on sweets, but they don't have to eat like the Easter bunny, either.
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Like Halloween, Easter is a holiday that’s typically filled with sugary candy (looking at you, life-size chocolate bunny!) And while we’re all about balance and allowing your child to indulge occasionally, we also know that popular Easter treats can be packed with calories, unhealthy fat, and sugar—not to mention that your kids will be bouncing off the walls like, well, energetic bunnies.

But we’re also realistic. Just because your kids like the Easter bunny doesn’t mean they want to eat like one. We included kid-approved picks—like gummies, salty snacks, and chocolate—but they’re lower in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar, so they’re parent-approved, too.

Whether you’re trying to make a less-sugary Easter basket for your kid’s health or your own sanity (parents who have dealt with kids on a sugar high, you KNOW what I mean), here are some tips to make a basket you both will love. We promise, your child won’t even miss the jellybeans or fake edible grass.

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

These fun and Easter-appropriate snacks are perfect for snack attacks. They don’t have any weird ingredients, and they’re individually-wrapped for portability and portion control. Gently tuck a few into the edges of your basket for extra bulk.

My First Bananagrams

What kid-friendly Easter basket is complete without something to play with? We opted for Bananagrams—a fun learn-and-play game that helps your little ones connect words—our version has brightly-colored tiles and bigger letters for kids, so the whole family can play.

Egg-Shaped Crayons

These XL crayons let your little Picasso freely express his or her creativity. We love that they’re egg-shaped and can be tucked inside plastic eggs for a fun surprise (call it egg-ception!)

Annie’s Gummy Bunnies

Instead of traditional sugary candies that come in Easter baskets—like Starbursts or jelly beans—we opted for a these Tropical fruit-flavored, bunny-shaped gummies. They have less sugar and they’re individually-portioned to be super kid-friendly.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Holidays are all about balance, so unless your child has a sensitivity or allergy, don’t skip out on the chocolate in their Easter basket. Our suggestion? Go ahead and get the candy, but just tuck a reasonable number of individually-wrapped chocolates into plastic eggs for a special treat—say 2 per egg. The rest of the chocolates can be frozen for later use, given away, or nibbled on after the kids go to bed (we won’t judge.)

The Wonderful Habits of Rabbits

Books make a great Easter basket gift, and there are plenty of seasonally-appropriate options. But this sweet rabbit tale (see what we did there) by Douglas Florian is the one that stole our hearts this year. Our favorite excerpt? “There’s chewing a carrot and biting a beet. And when there is music, there’s thumping your feet.” See, even bunny rabbits love to eat their veggies! Wink, wink.

Bunny Ears

How cute will your kid look hopping around with these modernistic, stylish bunny ears on their head? We rest our case.

Stuffed Animal

We opted for a purple duck to complement the spring theme, but any stuffed animal or small toy is an adorable way to get creative and top your child’s Easter basket.