Natural gelatin is a delicious way to enjoy jelly treats without artificial colors and chemicals. Mini muffin tins make poppable bites. You can also use larger molds or fun shapes to vary your treats.
Credit: Jamie Vespa

Oh say can you see those fresh berries in that delicious gel dessert? Not-too-sweet natural gelatin is poured into fresh fruit-filled muffin tins and set overnight for a sweet July treat. You can also pour these gels into individual 4-ounce cups for easy serving. Just make sure you use reinforced paper cups as boiling water will melt delicate plastic.

Jell-O is an old-school treat, but with calls for more natural alternatives, the jiggly dessert gets a 21st century makeover. Bakol brand makes a "Jel Dessert" with evaporated cane juice, vegetable gum, adipic acid, potassium cirate, and natural flavors (such as raspberry). You can find it next to the gelatin in most grocery stores, including Walmart.

Star Spangled Gel Cups

Serves: 12

1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup raspberries
1 3-ounce package BaKol Jel Dessert (Raspberry or Strawberry flavor)
2 cups boiling water
Optional: 1/4 cup whipped cream

1. Fill a very clean 12-count muffin tin (or 12 individual reinforced paper cups) evenly with berries.

2. In a heat-proof bowl, stir together contents of BaKol Jel Dessert and boiling water until the powder has completely dissolved.

3. Pour gel mixture over berries, being careful not to come too close to the top for spillage. (You might have some gel left over, depending on the size of the berries.)

4. Let set in fridge for at least 6 hours. Run a clean knife carefully around the edges of the cups and flip muffin tin over onto a serving tray. Top with 1 teaspoon whipped cream, if desired.