Fido’s Halloween costume will be on point.

Credit: Amazon

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and nothing gets you in that Halloween spirit more than the perfect costume. No, we’re not talking about your costume—we’re talking about your pet’s Halloween ensemble. And what could be better (and cuter) than dressing your fur baby in food-themed attire before you parade them around the neighborhood? Here are 23 of our favorite food costumes for your furry friend (because you definitely need one).


Who doesn’t love a steamy pumpkin spice (or should we say pup-kin spice?) latte this time of year? Wrap your pup up in a cozy cup of Joe, topped off with a ruffled “whipped cream” hat for extra sweetness.


If your dog has a fluffy white belly (like sushi rice), wrap ’em up in a fresh piece of nigiri. They’ll look so yummy (and Instagram adorable) you could eat them up with a side of wasabi.


No Halloween is complete without a fabulous pumpkin costume. Your pup will dazzle your neighbors with the perfect holiday outfit that doubles as your favorite seasonal gourd.


With an easy velcro strap and cozy hood, this is your kitten’s favorite wearable fruit. Just make sure the trick-or-treaters say hi to the strawberry when they grab candy.


Everyone’s favorite food will now be your pet’s most-liked Instagram photo. Dress your pet up as a slice of pizza, and you’ll truly want to snap pictures all night long.

Hot Dog

What’s more classic than dressing a dog up as a hot dog? Nothing. That’s why you need this Halloween costume, including a bun and touch of mustard.


Halloween may not be on taco Tuesday this year, but we can definitely see Fido dressed up in this taco suit. Topped off with cheese, pico de gallo, and lettuce, it’s the ultimate pet costume for taco lovers (but guac is still extra!).


One look at your fur baby’s face popping out of this banana suit and you’ll know—this will be the best Halloween costume yet. Does your pet go bonkers for some doggie cookies? Then this outfit is essential to his puppy wardrobe—for Halloween and all season long.


If the decked-out hat with pink ruffles, sprinkles, and a cherry doesn’t win you over, then the cupcake bodysuit will. It’s the Halloween costume of your sweetie’s dreams.


This super sparkly pineapple costume is exactly what your supermodel fuzzy friend needs this Halloween. You’ll get the step-in costume with a matching elastic band headpiece.


Wrap your pup in this velcro hamburger costume for the cutest Halloween yet. The plush burger is topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a bun for a classic look.


You got a dog because goldfish can’t play fetch, but maybe for one night only you can pretend your furry friend is a tank swimmer. Just be sure not to dine on a fillet of fish in front of him.

Tootsie Roll

For the sweetest costume on the market, your little buddy with adore this Tootsie Roll costume. Maybe the trick-or-treaters won’t want the candy in their basket, but they’ll go crazy for it on your dog.


Haven’t you always wanted to crack open a cold one with your best bud? You still can’t, but you can definitely dress them up in the Bark Brew shirt and bottle cap headpiece.


This lobster costume comes equipped with a leash or harness hole so your pooch can join you for a night on the town. All you’ll need are some cheesy biscuits on the side.

Candy Corn

You might not be digging into a bowl of candy corn this holiday season, but your pup will look sweet as can be in this witchy candy corn costume.

Ice Cream

Featuring a red and white checkered costume topped with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream, this is the ultimate banana split—but, sorry, you can’t eat it.

Doughnut and Coffee

If Dunkin’ is your go-to stop every morning, let your pet share in the love for the doughnut-and-coffee duo. The set comes with a plush doughnut that straps around their waist, and a cup of coffee headpiece for good measure.


Is there really anything better than bacon? Maybe your pet. But put your pet in a bacon costume, and you’ll hit the cuteness jackpot.


Summer barbecues may be over, but there’s always room for condiments in the fridge. Dress your dog in this one-of-a kind Heinz ketchup bottle to parade him around in your favorite hot dog and burger topper.


And if you’re more of a mustard person, you might opt for the neon Heinz yellow mustard costume. Plus, if you have two pets you can snag one for each!

Lick Or Treat

This “Lick or Treat?” shirt is a perfect Halloween pet purchase. Parade your pup around so the neighborhood knows your dog is as serious about his treats as you are (or else).