Nothing reminds us of our favorite places like these iconic cuisines. 
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If you've ever moved away from home or spent time in a different part of the country, there's probably a regional food you miss (and you can't find anything like it where you live). From Key lime pie, to chili, to grits, there are foods all across this country that only certain regions can make just right. These are the foods that we're willing to travel halfway across the continent to eat—but thankfully, we don't have to: we've found purveyors that will ship them directly to our door.

Here, we've rounded up 21 our editor's favorite specialty foods that you can have delivered to a foodie friend or loved one for the perfect holiday treat. Or you can just gift it straight to yourself—say it's from Santa. 

1. Kermit's Key Lime Pie

This pie strikes the perfect balance between tart and creamy. It will instantly transport you to Key West (sorry, sunshine and a beach cocktail aren't included). ($38.95 for one pie)

2. Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings

Anchor Bar, also known as the “home to the original chicken wing,”  has been serving up the Buffalo, New York, delicacy since they invented them in the 1960s, so they know how to do them right. If you want to make your next tailgate or game night really special, order these up, and watch them disappear. ($119.99 for 50 wings)

3. Skyline Chili 

Ask anyone from Cincinnati, and they'll tell you that chili belongs on spaghetti. Sounds weird, but it's oddly delicious—and only Skyline Chili will do. ($69.99 for 8 cans)

4. Neese's Livermush

This regional variation on Liver Pudding has a different recipe, including spices and seasonings. For anyone who's spent time in western North Carolina, there is no substitute.($2.59 for 20 oz package)

5. Eclipse Coffee Syrup

Coffee milk is the official drink of Rhode Island, and coffee syrup is the essential ingredient. Spoon it over ice cream for a sweet treat. ($9.46 for a bottle)

6. Taylor Pork Roll

According to Taylor's website, there's a tried-and-true method to cooking a Taylor pork roll: “Slice it thick or thin, tangy or mild, make the four little cuts around the edges so it doesn’t curl when you cook it, and brown it till it’s just the way you like it in a honest-to-goodness New Jersey Diner.” ($13.90 per roll)

7. Almond Kringle

This sweet pastry recipe has been in a Danish family for over 60 years, and is now made in Racine, Wisconsin. ($20.99 for a 12-person serving)

8. Boudin Sourdough

This San Francisco company has been making their sourdough bread since 1849. It’s an editor favorite at Cooking Light. (6 loaves for $29.99)

9. Corky's Barbecue 

Nobody does Tennessee barbecue like Corky’s. This basket will please even the pickiest grill master. ($99 for 3 racks of ribs, one dry rub, one bottle of sauce)

10. Geechie Boy Grits

Geechie Boy Mill White Grits are coarse-ground in antique mills to provide a creamier texture and taste. Make some shrimp and grits and instantly get transported to the low country. ($5.95 for 1.5 lb bag)

11. Big Bob Gibson Original White Sauce

If you've never tried North Alabama white barbecue sauce, you're missing out. It’s delicious on everything from smoked chicken wings to burgers. This condiment will seriously up your grilling game. ($9.63 for 16 oz bottle)

12. New Yorker Bagels

The ultimate gift for the bagel lover in your life. Choose from 20 different flavor varieties, all of which are made in Queens. ($44 for 15 bagels)

13. Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy

You can choose up to a dozen of this Ocean City, New Jersey, staple’s 40 different flavors to form a customizable assortment gift. But don’t worry about making a bad choice: All of them are delicious. ($19.98 for 80 pieces)

14. Dancing Pig’s Dry Seasoning

Barbecue lovers, rejoice! This rub-and-sauce combo will make you feel like you're in the deep south noshing on ribs. ($33.99 for one rub and one bottle of sauce)

15. Levain Bakery

This New York City bakery is famous for their giant (and sinfully sweet) cookies. Choose your favorite flavors, or pick up an assortment of their best sellers. ($71 for 12 cookies in assorted flavors)

16. Georgia Pecans

The pecans in Georgia really do taste better. For the ultimate baker, snack lover, or Georgia-phile, a bag of these is a must. ($13 for a 16 oz bag of pecan halves)

17. Maine Lobster

No lobster-lover worth their saltwater boil would get a good “bug” from anywhere but Maine. (2 lb lobster, $36.99 each)

18. Sticky Fingers Brownies

This bakery, based in Washington, DC, is the go-to place for vegan sweets. Their brownies are made with coffee and dark chocolate, making for an ultra-sumptuous treat. ($8.65 for 3 brownies)

19. Sneaky Pete’s Hot Dog Sauce

If you’ve never put this Birmingham, Alabama restaurant’s sauce on your hot dog (or if you think ketchup and mustard are all you need), you’re in for a pleasant surprise. ($4.85 for 16 oz. bottle)

20. Guava Pastelitos

Flaky, fruity, and creamy, these Cuban pastries earned their mega-fame in Miami for good reason. ($29.99 for 14 pastelitos)

21. Gino’s East Pizza

This Chicago-style deep dish will make you forget about takeout forever. ($50 for 2 deep dish pizzas)