You can sit around watching television together, or the two of you can dig up some fun Father's Day activities. Invite the whole family, and it'll be a great time for bonding and celebrating a man who means so much.
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Spend the weekend doing what dad does best. Even though every dad has his own idea of cool, here are some of our ideas for making dad feel like a king.

  1. Look up a local brewery. If they offer it, reserve a tour of the facility. End the outing with tasting flights and a game of darts or pool. Helpful hint: Let him win.

Go golfing—even if you aren’t a member of a country club. Find your nearest driving range or public course. Or let dad’s inner kid shine as he makes his way through a mini golf putting green.

Let him show you how he masters the BBQ or any of his favorite dishes he likes to cook, like pancakes or eggs. It will make him feel special sharing his culinary wisdom while you take notes for Sunday’s meals.

If your dad is in charge of cocktails during party hour, let him show you his favorite drinks to make. Better yet, call his favorite local watering hole, and ask if you two can have a one-on-one lesson for mixing drinks from his favorite barkeep. Then, go home and mix until you're both experts—or too tipsy to care.

Combine 3 and 4 to create a meal together. Invite the whole family, and everyone can be involved.

Go outside and spend the weekend camping. If overnight trips aren’t in the works, plan a day hike and pack a picnic complete with sandwiches and chilled beer (only if the trail permits alcohol). Here are our suggestions for the dad-approved picnic menu:

If you really want to go camping but a road trip is a tight squeeze, pitch a tent in the backyard. Let dad walk the kids through the steps, and lay out the sleeping bags for the night. Make dinner wrapped in foil packets and s’mores outside over the grill.

Get the whole family together—aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents—and play a pick-up game of flag football or softball. End the outing with a BBQ family potluck.

Make breakfast for dad! It's the final step in the perfect Father’s Day weekend, complete with bacon, waffles and eggs.

Any time together is a good time together, so just remember that the important thing is that you spend a little QT with dear ol' dad on his special weekend.