Avocado wrapping paper, anyone?
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Credit: Zazzle

Holiday wrapping paper is so traditional. Sure, Santa, menorahs, and reindeer are great, but what about the things you love all year long—like avocados, hot sauce, or pizza? Thanks to Zazzle’s customized wrapping paper tool, the sky is literally the limit this holiday season.

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is obsessed with a certain food (you know who I’m talking about), and this wrapping paper would let them know you support their snack obsession. For example, my husband can’t live without his nightly spoonful of peanut butter. I’m printing out a PB-themed roll for him right now.

Each roll is just $15 on Zazzle (we like the way matte texture looks, but you can opt for glossy paper for an extra $5). There are also different-sized rolls, so you can pick which size works best for your gifts and budget.

We mocked up a few designs so you could see what they look like—here are our 3 favorites. We've also included the images we used, so you can buy these designs for yourself. 


Credit: Zazzle

For the true avo toast or guacamole lover in your life, dress their gifts in this festive paper. Warning: they may not want to open their actual gift.


Credit: Zazzle

Whether you opt for a frizzled, fried, or scrambled design, this paper will turn your gift recipient’s day sunny side-up.


Credit: Zazzle

Know someone who’s obsessed with their leafy greens? This adorable kale-printed wrapping paper is made for them.

Want to use one of these designs? Simply save the image to your desktop, upload the image in Zazzle, and center it. Then, in the dropdown menu where it says "horizontal", select "tile" so the design covers the paper entirely. Then, select the type of finish you want (we used matte), preview it to make sure everything looks good, and place your order. Holiday shopping has never been so easy!