Embrace your love of cats this Valentine's Day with a menu set for both human and feline counterparts. Enjoy a meal, along with human and pet-friendly wines, to celebrate the most romantic of holidays.

Valentine's Day rolls around every year, and you're either groaning with dismay or giddy with excitement. If you happen to find yourself single on the most romantic of holidays, or you're in a relationship but would rather just celebrate everything with your cat, we've got you covered. Our easy menu and drink pairing suggestions will guarantee you a nice evening in.

The menu (for both humans and felines):

  • Chicken
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Brown rice
  • Red wine (and Catnip Wine)

Now, while you'll both be eating similar things, you've still got to be careful what you feed your furry friend. Cats cannot eat many of the things humans usually use for seasoning (excess salt, onions, garlic, etc.) so don't stray from these suggestions. The dishes for humans and dishes for kitties will deviate a little toward the end, but the basic cooking will remain the same. 

To create the menu:

  • Bake one medium sweet potato. Scoop out about 1 tablespoon (just sweet potato flesh, no skin) for the cat's portion, and top the remaining potato with chopped chives and sea salt for the human.
  • Bake two skinless chicken breasts, keeping one unseasoned and adding spices to the human's chicken, like our Moroccan Rub recipe. Shred about 1/3 of the plain chicken breast for the cat's portion, reserving the rest for another day.
  • Microwave a packet of plain 90-second brown rice. Add a tablespoon to the cat's plate, and season the human's portion with chile paste and green onions according to our Spicy Brown Rice recipe.
Credit: Photo: Apollo Peak

Wine pairings:

Cats obviously can't drink actual wine, but they can enjoy a glass of specially-made catnip wine. Apollo Peak creates pet-friendly wines (for dogs too, if you're a weirdo who likes dogs) ranging from Catbernet to Pinot Meow. Each wine contains organic cat nip and are colored with organic beets. Now when you pour yourself a glass for your Valentine's Day dinner, your cat can enjoy getting a little silly too. 

Disclaimer: We at Cooking Light are not pet nutritionists or veterinarians. The suggested foods are safe for cats in moderation, but use your discretion as a pet owner. Homemade meals for cats should only be for special occasions, as they usually lack the necessary nutrients for feline health.