These devilish decorations use a part of the avocado that is usually ignored. 
Credit: Photo: Michelle McMahon / Getty Images

The pit of the avocado is usually viewed as nothing but a nuisance. Simply an obstacle the way of getting to the rich green fruit that is so often loved for being a staple in dishes like guacamole, pesto, and even avocado toast. But the avocado pit actually has an interesting use—and we're not talking about putting it in your smoothies.

When cleaned of their brown peel, avocado pits are easily carved into spooky decorations. They're soft enough that a small paring knife will do or an X-ACTO knife can be wielded for even more carving precision. Once cut into, the light peach color pit will turn an almost gruesome shade of dark red after just a few minutes. 

Credit: Photo: Hayley Sugg

Although avocado pits are too small to hollow out and insert a candle into, they're just the right size for simplistically designed jack-o-lantern carvings. As the pit continues to air dry, the uncarved portions of the pit will become a brown color and the entire thing will harden in texture, meaning these creepy decorations, reminiscent of shrunken heads, can be left out for months at a time without rotting. 

So next time you make a batch of guacamole for your Halloween party, don't toss those pits and instead use them to add to the creepy ambiance.