We've picked our favorites to help you make the most of seasonal roots on your Turkey Day spread this year. 
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Fall and winter roots are a traditional and loved part of any Thanksgiving spread. Here's how to make the most of their texture and flavor in new and innovative ways that'll become new holiday favorites. We've picked through our favorites for recipes that not only break up the flavor and texture profile of your Turkey Day spread, but also include tastes that you may not think to include—such as feta cheese in our Raw and Roasted Carrots and Fennel and lemongrass in our Creamy Carrot and Lemongrass Soup. 

Celery Root Puree with Almond-Mint Gremolata

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Our Celery Root Puree with Almond-Mint Gremolata is so satisfyingly creamy, it can take the place of mashed potatoes on your Thanksgiving table. Cannellini beans add body and sour cream adds just the right amount of tang. 

Roasted Turnips with Sage Browned Butter

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

With just 15 minutes of assembly, this Roasted Turnips with Sage Browned Butter is a quick side to throw together, stick in the oven, and forget about as you work on the rest of the meal. Roasting releases a mellow nutty flavor that’s only enhanced by sage and brown butter.

Tricolor Beet-and-Carrot-Salad

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

A fresh, bright salad, this Tricolor Beet-and-Carrot Salad will always be welcome at a Thanksgiving table that’s usually laden with warm, brown, creamy textures. While multicolored carrots add a beautiful visual element, it’s just as good with orange ones.

Cranberry-Beet Chutney

Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree

Add a fun, flavorful twist to your traditional cranberry sauce with the addition of beets and golden raisins. In our Cranberry-Beet Chutney, warm spices such as toasted whole coriander and mustard seeds are a fun departure from the traditional flavors of cinnamon and citrus.

Potato and Parsnip Gratin

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Elevate a traditional, creamy, and indulgent potato gratin with the addition of parsnips for an elegant twist on a Thanksgiving classic. Potato and Parsnip Gratin will be your new Turkey Day tradition. 

Herb-Roasted Carrots

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

This simple root side dish is cooked to sweet, slightly firm perfection and comes together in a snap—making these Herb-Roasted Carrots a much-needed breather for you on Turkey Day.

Beet Chips with Turmeric-Yogurt Dip

Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree

Not only is this appetizer the perfect finger food for entertaining, but the vivid-red chips and bright turmeric-yellow dip also make for a stunning presentation. Beet Chips with Turmeric-Yogurt Dip is a guaranteed stylish crowd-pleaser. 

Parsnip Spice Cake with Caramel Icing

Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree

Roots don’t have to be savory. This Parsnip Spice Cake with Caramel Icing is a nice, sweet addition to your dessert spread, and an indulgent caramel-flavored cream cheese is a finger-licking finishing touch.

Raw and Roasted Carrots and Fennel

Credit: Photo: Justin Walker

Using both raw and roasted carrots give a great mix of flavor and texture in this quick salad that makes good use of seasonal fennel. The savory tang of feta cheese is an added bonus to our Raw and Roasted Carrots and Fennel side. 

Creamy Carrot and Lemongrass Soup

Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

This Thai-inspired soup is a great way to break up any flavor monotony in your Thanksgiving spread, and this Creamy Carrot and Lemongrass Soup's cheery color (thanks to butternut squash and carrots) is a sure crowd-pleaser.