Your morning toast game is about to get a major makeover.
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Credit: Jamie Vespa

Fitness Bread is a pre-sliced, vacuum-sealed, super-dense block of bread built on whole grains including wheat germ, rye, and oat kernels. But don’t let the disconcerting brick-like appearance (and brick-like heft) turn you off. Packed into each thin layer of dense rye bread is a whopping 6gm fiber and 4gm protein—more than most traditional whole grain breads.

Mestemacher, a German company that started as a small village bakery in the 1800’s, is now a world leader in organic rye bread, characterized by its alarmingly long shelf life without the use of preservatives. If you’re unable to find Fitness Bread in your local health food stores—we got lucky at World Market—you can order it in bulk on Amazon. (Don’t worry, it won’t expire for another year.)

Now, this is not the kind of bread you want to build a sandwich on. Since it’s made almost entirely of whole grains, it’s quite crumbly and lacking pliability. This bread is best enjoyed toasted. Very toasted.

After you toast the daylights out of it, slather on a lavish layer of your favorite spread (we’re partial to hummus, nut butter, or Kite Hill cream cheese-style spread) followed by a generous smattering of your favorite toppings. The bread’s density, breadth, and stability should be celebrated by layering on enough toppings to constitute a hearty meal.

Our favorite toppers:

  • Herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon, English cucumber, capers, avocado, and radish (pictured).
  • Tahini, apple slices, honey, sesame seeds, and ground cinnamon.
  • Melted cheese, sautéed greens, mushrooms, and olive oil.
  • Plain cream cheese, prosciutto, and cantaloupe slices.

Now, do as the woman on the front of the package and run, don’t walk, to pick up your first lofty loaf of Fitness Bread. (Chiseled abs not included).