It got loud.
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If you're going to snack on a chip, you want something that is not only tasty (and not terribly unhealthy), but that also has some crunch to it.

So for this week's taste test, Jaime Ritter and I decamped to the Cooking Light sound booth to test out a variety of snack chips that meet our nutritional standards, so we could really concentrate on how well each one crackled.

After trying six different varieties, including a brand of corn chips from Garden of Eatin' we were shocked to discover weren't Fritos, we each settled on a favorite. Jaime liked the Abound Barbecue Quinoa Chia Chips, a CVS house brand which frankly tasted much more indulgent than their name belies. And at just 130 calories per serving, weren't that bad, either—though they were a little high in sodium, with 270mg per serving.

I ended up preferring the Popcorners Kettle Corn Chips, which Jaime was quick to remind me were technically popcorn, not chips. But that's what I liked about them. They were also among the healthiest options with just 120 calories, and a mere 115mg of sodium.

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