This big box chain requires an annual membership, but offers pretty sweet deals on our favorite pantry staples.
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Credit: Scott Olson

Shoppers looking for sweet deals on healthy staples need to take a turn into Sam's Club this weekend. The big box retailer offers 660 locations across 47 states and requires a membership of $45 for club members to shop the store. 

We hit the aisles this morning to tell you why you should consider signing up for a membership. If you already have one, don't miss out on these deals the next time you're shopping. While none of the items below were on special discount, prices may vary by location.

Almond Butter

The reason we love this creamy Almond Butter is that it's made with two ingredients: almonds and salt. The 24-ounce jar rang up for $8.88. While there's no way to compare Member's Mark, the club's store brand, directly to another retailer, a comparable salted almond butter with crunchy texture from Trader Joe's came in at $7.99 for only 16 ounces. We love almond butter spread on toast for a quick breakfast.


Raw Honey

Love honey? You'll love this deal. Nature Nate's 40-ounce Raw & Unfiltered Honey costs $13.28. The same 40-ounce container from sells for $15.99. 

Pure Maple Syrup

While pancake syrup can be had for a steal, finding pure maple syrup at a good price can be a challenge. A quart of Canadian 100% Pure Maple Syrup at Sam's Club cost $9.98, while the same size container of Grade A Amber syrup from Butternut Mountain Farm Vermont listed at $14.19.


Gluten Free Baking Flour

We were happy to see Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour in the pantry aisle of our local Sam's Club. A five pound bag cost $4.41 in the store, but is not available online. The same flour was listed at $14.85 on


Almond Four

Almond flour, a staple in our baking stash, showed up on the pantry aisle as well. A three pound bag of Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour rang up as $12.98, nearly $10 less than the same bag we found when shopping online. It totaled $22.71 on


Coconut Sugar

We had to triple check the price on this deal. A three pound bag of Big Tree Organic Coconut Sugar rang up as just $4.91. (Online, it is listed as $8.98, so pick this one up in stores). That's $1.64 per pound. On, the same brand of sugar sells for $4.99 per pound.

Pine Nuts

Nuts are an easy way to blow your budget. We loved spotting a 16-ounce bag of Organic Pine Nuts for $15.83, or $.99 per ounce. Kirkland brand, Costco's in-house brand, retails for $35.36 for a 24-ounce bag, or about $1.47 per ounce. 


Cookie Butter

A 21.16-ounce jar of Jules Destrooper Cookie Butter rang up at $5.96, only $.28 per ounce. While cookie butter might not be the healthiest thing you can put in your cart, this splurge caught our eye. The same container cost $6.85 at Jet. Try it atop pancakes or waffles this weekend, or as a dip for apple slices.

Need another reason to try out the store? They just launched a Scan & Go app that allows you to scan your items as you put them in your cart, bypass the checkout line, and confirm your payment as you walk out the door. If you love self checkouts, this will make your day; you don't even have to remove your items from your cart. Touch them once to place them in the buggy, pay, and go.