A new in-store concept brings convenience to busy home cooks.
Credit: Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive / Leon Harris / Getty

Although Whole Foods is occasionally known for going over the top with their in-store features, their newest store opening in Bryant Park has a potential game changer for the home cook. In a press release, the health food giant revealed that the latest New York City location would feature a produce butcher.

Credit: Photo: Whole Foods

Defined as an employee who will "cut, slice, dice, julienne, chop, and grate" any produce to fulfill a customer's request, the produce butcher is Whole Food's latest and greatest concept that may seriously change how customers cook. If a lack of knife skills holds you back from food prep, time is limited, or (to be honest) you're just lazy, the produce butcher can help you step up your cooking and meal prepping game.

"We found a need for fast, grab and go produce options especially for busy, on-the-go New Yorkers. Our team saw a hole in the market for people that wanted to shop, cook etc., but just didn’t have the time or skills to cut their favorite produce items the way they wanted," a Whole Foods representative said.

Many grocery stores currently offer pre-chopped vegetables in their produce section, but options are usually limited to chopped onions, celery, and bell peppers. They're also often packaged with a freshening sachet to keep the veggies fresher longer. It's important to use any pre-chopped produce within a day or two of purchase because vegetables quickly deteriorate once they've been chopped, sliced, or minced.


The produce butcher is currently a feature only at the newly-opened NYC Bryant Park location. Whole Foods is "testing the waters" for expansion of this program. "Based on how the program fares at the Bryant Park location, we're definitely considering it for other locations," the Whole Foods representative added. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this comes to pass, and convenience is available for all customers.