From almond to macadamia nuts, hemp to coconut, the non-dairy “milk” industry is making big gains in the beverage aisle. The latest plant-based milk innovation to hit the market, Ripple, is a yellow pea-based drink. Yes, peas.
Credit: Source: Ripple

Even with the flood of milk alternatives in supermarkets everywhere, Ripple’s nutritional benefits manage to set this beverage apart from other comparable products. Made of yellow peas, these allergy-friendly beverages are dairy-, soy-, nut-, and gluten-free. In comparison to other non-dairy milks, Ripple is a great source of protein with 8 grams per an 8-ounce serving in their Original flavor. (Dairy milk has 8 grams, too, while almond milk as 1 gram.)

Other notable nutrition facts: One serving has 32mg omega-3s from algal oil (you should aim for about 500mg per day) and 45% of daily value for calcium with 75 to 145 calories per cup. It also stands up well against dairy milk, too, with half the sugar and 50 percent more calcium.

If you opt for the sweetened Vanilla or Chocolate variety, the sweetener is organic cane sugar, and a cup of each has 15g and 17g respectively. The Original has 6g sugar, and the Original Unsweetened has 0g sugar.

The texture is surprisingly creamy and “luscious.” It adds a rich, thick texture to coffee and smoothies, but it’s equally welcome as a milk substitute in oatmeal and cereals.

You can use their store locator to see if locations near you will carry it. The company was kind enough to send us some samples to try. The Cooking Light team tested them and gave back a variety of opinions:

Original Ripple

Credit: Source: Ripple

What Our Editors Said
“This is really good. I could be convinced to swap regular milk for this if nutrition is better.”
“I love this one. My favorite.”
“As someone with allergies to tree nuts and dairy and soy sensitivities, it’s nice to know I have a great tasting alternative to use if I want cereal or creamier hot chocolate. I totally appreciate the innovation involved in this plant-based milk.”
“Sweetness helps, but mouthfeel is still chalky.”

Original – Unsweetened

Credit: Source: Ripple

What Our Editors Said
“Not a terrible taste. Somewhat chalky, but would go nicely in cereal.
“It tastes like dry flour, but it grows on you.”
“Tasted similar to uncooked flour with an aftertaste that was mildly bitter.”
“Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

Vanilla Ripple

Credit: Source: Ripple

What Our Editors Said
“I feel like I’m drinking a milkshake.”
“Super sweet, but I like it! Maybe too sweet for breakfast, but would be really good in coffee.”
“Way too sweet! 15g of sugar in one serving?!”
“I like it. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.”

Chocolate Ripple

Credit: Source: Ripple

What Our Editors Said
“Yum! This is delightful.”
“Way too sweet, but good chocolate flavor”
“Good flavor, but thinner somehow.”
“Love the chocolate flavor! Still kinda chalky though.”