Salty yet tangy and sweet, coconut aminos has a nutritional benefit that may make you want to toss your soy sauce.
Credit: Photo: akurashashin / Getty

Nowadays, it seems everything can be created with coconuts. Coconut milk, chips, ice cream, jerky, and more line the shelves of health food stores and traditional grocery stores alike. But there's one coconut-based product you might not have heard of yet, but it deserves a place in your kitchen: coconut aminos.

Coconut aminos is a thin brown condiment that is very similar in appearance to soy sauce. Available in health food stores and from a plethora of online outlets, coconut aminos is most well-known amongst the Paleo crowd. Naturally free of gluten, soy, alcohol, totally plant-based, and packed with naturally-occurring amino acids, it's a food that fits many dietary restrictions.

Slightly salty, with a hint of sweetness, coconut aminos is made from coconut sap or nectar and sea salt. With a more complex flavor than soy sauce, coconut aminos also has a distinct advantage: it has half the sodium of traditional soy sauce.

Coconut aminos averages 160mg of sodium per teaspoon, while regular soy sauce contains a whopping 325mg, over twice as much. Opt for lower sodium soy sauces, and you'll get 191mg per teaspoon. That means that coconut aminos still gives you more "bang for your buck" if you feel the need to douse on the sauce or dip in the sushi. Coconut aminos' salty nature makes it the perfect replacement for soy sauce in dishes, from sushi to marinades, where sodium is a concern.