We compare turkey breakfast sausage and center-cut bacon; the nutrition breakdown may surprise you.
Credit: Randy Mayor

When comparing these two lighter breakfast options, the nutrition breakdown may surprise you. Center-cut bacon is a great choice if you enjoy its crisp smokiness. Because it’s cut from closer to the bone, center-cut bacon has approximately 20 percent less saturated fat than regular bacon with the same satisfying flavor. And choosing turkey sausage over traditional breakfast sausage results in even greater saturated fat savings―nearly half. Head to head, a serving of two slices of center-cut bacon is modest in calories and fat and contains 267 milligrams less sodium and significantly less cholesterol than a portion of typical turkey breakfast sausage. However, a three-ounce serving of the turkey sausage supplies more than three times the filling protein.

Turkey Breakfast Sausage
(3 ounces)
134 calories
7 grams fat
(3 grams saturated)
15 grams protein
522 milligrams sodium
67 milligrams cholesterol

Center-Cut Bacon
(2 slices)
57 calories
4.5 grams fat
(2 grams saturated)
4 grams protein
255 milligrams sodium
12 milligrams cholesterol