Compare these popular cocktails.
Credit: Randy Mayor

Blending a margarita with strawberries not only adds sweet flavor to a spring-fling libation, but also contributes nearly 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C, a tenth of your daily fiber, and a healthy shot of potassium-outranking the nutritional value of another popular cocktail, the mojito, a mixture of lime juice, sugar, mint leaves, rum, and soda. Avoiding the salt-rimmed glass in which most margaritas are served, as we've done here, can save you 240mg sodium-a tenth of your daily allowance.

Strawberry Margarita
203 calories
3g fiber
231mg potassium
3mg sodium
83mg vitamin C
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Classic Mojito
242 calories
0g fiber
34mg potassium
14mg sodium
7mg vitamin C
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