Which side dish should you serve?
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Use your tastes to help you decide which to serve as a side dish. While the sweet potato has a sweeter flavor than its plain counterpart and slightly more calories, it also has almost double the filling fiber and more beta-carotene, which boots immunity and helps build bones (see our best sweet potato recipes). No matter which you favor, though, you're getting almost no fat and lots of nutrients. Both potatoes and sweet potatoes provide potassium, for example, which is important for muscle function, plus many other vitamins and minerals. Just be sure to leave on the skin when you're eating white potatoes—that's where you'll find most the fiber.

Potato, (6 oz.)
189 calories
.17 grams fat
4.2 grams fiber

Sweet Potato, (6 oz)
214 calories
.19 grams fat
7.1 grams fiber