Credit: Randy Mayor

Since salsa is made only of vegetables, it has fewer calories and grams of fat than dense, creamy hummus, which contains healthful fats from olive oil and tahini (sesame seed paste). But consider you probably won’t eat either unaccompanied. One serving of standard corn tortilla chips will add calories, fat grams, and sodium to salsa. Hummus, in contrast, is a natural partner for nutritious dippers like carrot and celery sticks.

(2 tablespoons)
47 calories
3 grams fat
1 gram fiber
84 milligrams sodium

Quarter-Cup Carrot Sticks
13 calories
0 grams fat
21 milligrams sodium

Tomato Salsa
(2 tablespoons)
5 calories
0 grams fat
0.5 gram fiber
38 milligrams sodium

1 Ounce Tortilla Chips
142 calories
7 grams fat
149 milligrams sodium