Compare the nutritional benefits of these similarly hued legumes.
Credit: Randy Mayor

Give your meal a nutritional boost by adding either of these healthy legumes. Peas will lend a sweet flavor, while edamame contributes a crisp nuttiness. Try them as a side dish on their own, or toss into salads or pasta dishes. (Add legumes to pasta water during the last few minutes of boiling for easy cooking.)

While soybeans contain almost twice the calories, due to their abundant heart-healthy fats, they also pack three times the satiating protein, and more potassium. Both have about the same amount of fiber per serving.

Edamame (green soybeans)
(1⁄2 cup)
90 calories
5 grams fat (1 gram saturated)
9 grams protein
3.6 grams fiber
403 milligrams potassium

English peas
(1⁄2 cup)
59 calories
0.3 grams fat (0.1 gram saturated)
3.9 grams protein
3.7 grams fiber
177 milligrams potassium