Credit: Randy Mayor

A serving of steamed broccoli offers more than a day’s worth of vitamin C, as well as 15 percent of your daily fiber needs, vitamin A, and heart-healthy folate and potassium, all in a low-calorie package. A similar-sized serving of cauliflower offers a bit less nutrition but still supplies fiber and 14 percent of daily folate needs, plus nearly a day’s worth of vitamin C. Choose orange-hued cauliflower for about 25 times more vitamin A than the familiar white variety.

(1 cup [steamed])
44 calories
5 grams fiber
123 milligrams vitamin C
505 milligrams potassium
94 micrograms folate
114 micrograms vitamin A

(1 cup [steamed])
29 calories
3 grams fiber
55 milligrams vitamin C
176 milligrams potassium
55 micrograms folate
1 microgram vitamin A