Sorry, pink and purple drinks, your time in the Starbucks spotlight is over. The latest addition to the colorful secret menu series, the orange drink, is the best one yet. At least we think so.
Credit: Sara Tane

It’s no secret that Starbucks has completely dominated the coffee game in recent decades. But this summer, the caffeine-pumped company has been making major waves with their new fruity, coffee-less “secret menu.” The craze started with the “pink and purple drinks,” which featured berry flavors, tea, and sweetened syrups. Now, those off-menu options are so yesterday, and it’s all about the orange drink.

We took matters into our own hands and tried out the rainbow assortment of drinks. There was no question that the orange drink reigned superior. This sunset-hued drink is made with orange-mango puree, vanilla syrup, and coconut milk. The sweet mango flavor paired with the tangy orange is the perfect ailment for a hot summer day. Imagine your favorite mango ice meets a piña colada and a squirt of citrus. It’s the kind of drink that makes you want to head to the nearest beach and lounge in the sand all day.

If you're going to try your own and want to cut down on the sugar and calories, ask for unsweetened coconut milk and half the number of syrup pumps. The puree is plenty sweet from the fruits' natural juices, so you don't need a lot to accentuate those flavors. Don't skip the creamy milk though. It's what really separates this drink from so many other tropical sippers you can get elsewhere.

Sure, the pink and purple drinks are aesthetically pleasing (enough to warrant an Instagram!) with their soft shades and the fruit garnishes swishing about. But when it comes to flavor, they don’t hold a pastel-colored flame to the new orange drink. Or at least we think so.