We first fell in love with MALK's pecan milk last year—now it's available in Whole Foods nationwide.

Last year, Cooking Light editors tried a few MALK Organics products and were impressed. The Texas-based nut milk producer first focused on a few flavors available regionally after launching in 2014, but the entire line of MALK products are now available nationwide in Whole Foods Markets, and other places. 

MALK makes a selection of dairy-free, nut-based milks for many different kinds of tastes, including almond, cashew, pecan, and cold-brew-blended pecan milks. All of the varieties and flavors are free of added enhancers and GMOs, and the ingredient labels are very straightforward—MALK's unsweetened almond milk contains only three ingredients. All MALK flavors are cold-pressed, free of preservatives or thickeners, and organic, according to the producer's catalog.

Food Navigator broke the news about MALK's expansion into national supermarkets, including Whole Foods Market, at a time when plant-based milks have experienced immense sales growth—but also face increased scrutiny from federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration. You can find MALK in other stores, too, including Target, Sprout's Market, Kroger, and H-E-B markets in Texas. 

MALK isn't the only vegan, plant-based alternative product that Whole Foods' has recently introduced—earlier this year, the grocer created a private-label vegan ice cream under its 365 Everyday Value line, which are all made with almond milk and are gluten free. More recently, Whole Foods has seen big success with another vegan alternative—vegan "toona," a product pioneered by burgeoning vegan brand Sophie's Kitchen.

Each MALK variety doesn't exceed 200 calories or 2g of saturated fat per serving, making it a good option for any breakfast or afternoon snack. In 2016, MALK products retailed at $6.99 for a 28oz bottle, but national distribution has changed price points, which varies per store.

The original article, published April 10, 2017, continues below:

With the increased consumption of non-dairy milks, the industry is booming with new innovations every day. While at this point we're used to options made from soy, almonds, or even oats, there's still creative beverages appearing in the dairy case.

One of the products we found and loved, to our surprise, was MALK's maple-flavored pecan milk. Made from cold pressed nuts, the creamy drink contains only five wholesome ingredients. Just sweet enough for a treat, but not too overpowering for use in cooking or baking, MALK's innovation may be the latest non-dairy milk to earn its way into our fridges (and hearts). 

Our editors' thoughts:

"Yum! The pecan/maple flavor is great, not too strong."

"Very maple-y, I want to dunk pancakes in this."

"Tastes like when you finish a bowl of perfect cereal and drink the rest of the bowl."

"Killer with oatmeal or in pancakes."

"Tastes like maple pecan ice cream. Yum!"