Your favorite summertime dessert just got better.
Credit: Photo: Rebecca Longshore

The ultimate hot-weather treat, popsicles are an easy dessert to make. While simple to create and freeze, pops can be a great opportunity to also give the kids (and even yourself) a nutrition boost. Find out below our four favorite ways to sneak in a little extra nutrients this summer.

1. Go Greek

Avoid unnecessarily rich ingredients like heavy cream and opt for healthy Greek yogurt instead. You'll be able to create decadent-tasting, yet good-for-you, popsicles like our Frozen Breakfast Parfait Pops. Plus Greek yogurt adds a great boost of protein and calcium to each serving.

2. Pack in the Veggies

While we're all about openly celebrating eating your veggies, sometimes adding a little sneaky serving can be of real benefit. Blending up vegetables can be an easy way to incorporate a wider variety of produce into your popsicles. Some of our favorites include cucumber, beets, and avocados (which are really fruits, but we won't get into that). Pair with similarly colored fruits (raspberry-beet, anyone?) to avoid a less-than-beautiful popsicle and go with stronger flavored ingredients (like cocoa-avocado) to make a cohesive creation.

3. Don't Forget the Stir-Ins

While traditional popsicles are mostly liquid ingredients, we like to go for a change of texture sometimes. Add a little crunch, and a good dose of protein, by stirring in ingredients like chia seeds, chopped fruit, whole-grain granola, or shredded coconut. If you're worried about soggy granola, put it at the bottom of your popsicle mold to create a crunchy top, or freeze the liquid pops and roll in the granola, seeds, or coconut just prior to serving. 

4. Keep It Fresh

It's easy to rely on fruit juices as the base of your popsicles, but the sugar count quickly adds up that way. Choose whole fruits instead to cut down on the sugar levels. Blending up water-rich fruits like watermelon or cantaloupe easily create purees that freeze well. Or blend up sweet ingredients like berries or stone-fruits with a little water to create a perfectly tasty DIY option.