These new snacks help curb your sweet cravings while slashing calories.
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Credit: Photo: Nourish

We're all about eating whole foods here at Cooking Light, but we also know, realistically, that's not always an option. Sometimes you want to have something you feel good about tossing into your kid's lunchbox, or maybe you just want to indulge in something extra sweet. We hand-picked our new favorite snacks that went through rigorous testing: They had to get two of our registered dietitians' stamps of approval and they had to be delicious (we taste tested all of them to be sure!).

Credit: Photo: Kashi

Kashi Chewy Nut Butter Bars

At 150 calories per bar, these vegan and gluten free snacks are definitely something we’re tossing in our bags. The bars have a distinctly homemade taste, are super low in sugar for a snack bar, and include Kashi's signature ingredient list of recognizable foods. The bars have zero preservatives, and instead use rosemary extract to preserve freshness. You can buy a box of five exclusively at Target until 2018, or on Amazon

Our favorite is the double chocolate almond bar. The bar is made from whole grain oats stuck together with brown rice syrup and then drizzled with almond butter and semi-sweet chocolate chunks. Dates and coconut oil help keep the bar extra sweet and compact, without any added ingredients. The taste is lightly nutty, and just subtly sweet. The salted caramel pecan bar was also a winner, and brought back memories of holiday pecan pie. The whole grain oat mixture is topped with pecans and almond butter for a super soft, crumbly bite.

Credit: Photo: Yasso

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

We’re not exaggerating when we say these yogurt bars changed our lives. They’re just a little tart from the real Greek yogurt, packed with 5 grams of protein per bar, and are super low in sodium. Though they're pretty tiny, they're the perfect size to still satisfy your craving for ice cream. At 80 to 130 calories they’re the perfect sweet treat, and definitely helped kick our sugar cravings. Yasso’s bars are available at grocery stores nationwide and at Target

New flavors for fall include black raspberry, toffee caramel chocolate chip, and s’mores. We especially loved some of the original flavors like sea salt caramel and chocolate fudge. It’s like everything a frozen yogurt shop tried to be, but better.

Credit: Photo: Nourish

Nourish Chewy Granola Bites

These granola bites are perfect for snacking or sprinkling over a bowl of plain yogurt for some sweetness and crunch. The cute granola clusters all start with the same blend of rolled oats, brown rice, chia seeds, salt, and brown rice syrup. Then Nourish jazzes each flavor up with real ingredients like banana, coconut, peanuts, and unsweetened chocolate.You can buy single serve packs on Amazon

We especially loved the blueberry apple variety, which has real wild blueberries and apples mixed into the crunchy, lightly sweet bite. You can also grab a bag of chocolate peanut butter, coconut vanilla, chocolate banana, and double chocolate. Enjoy a handful of about 12 little bites for 100 to 120 calories, depending on the variety.