Meet the solution to healthy sandwiches. 
Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Getting the whole family on board with healthy eating may be a struggle for even the most convincing people. Whether you have picky eaters, stubborn snackers, or indulgent diners, finding ways to sneak in healthy ingredients requires some creativity. Stealthy Healthy is a series of tips, tricks, and product reviews designed to help you help your family eater healthier, without them ever realizing it.

Sandwiches should be one of the simplest meals around. You take some bread, adding whatever fillings you want, slap on a little sauce, and you're done! But not in my household, instead we have the battle of the breads. 

Serving anything whole-grain is forever a struggle when my husband has the uncanny ability to tell if something is whole-wheat from a mile away. Since we've now found a solution for his abhorrence of whole-wheat pasta, it was time to tackle the bread issue. 

Most of us know that whole-grain foods are good for you, helping with everything from weight loss to reducing inflammation, and an easy way to boost your daily intake of these is to eat whole-wheat bread. Despite my many attempts to find him a new favorite, serving varieties ranging from toothsome rye to mild oatmeal loaves, I couldn't get the man to walk away from his love affair with Wonder Bread. Until one day I stumbled upon a solution in the bread aisle: Dave's Killer Bread's White Done Right

Credit: Photo: Dave's Killer Bread

Dave's Killer Bread was co-founded by Dave Dahl, a son of bakers and a convicted felon, who decided upon his release from prison to become an honest man by getting back into the family business. Since their growth from a farmers' market stand to America's number one organic sliced bread, Dave's Killer Bread has kept that same goal of helping others change their lives. The company takes part of the Second Chances program, which seeks to hire those with a criminal background who want to turn things around. 

Upon picking up a loaf of their White Done Right bread at my local grocery store, not only did I get warm fuzzy feelings after reading Dave's story on the side of the package, I was highly impressed by the nutrition label printed right beside it. Created with organic and non-GMO ingredients, this bread boasts 10g of whole grains. It's made from six types of grains (wheat, quinoa, spelt, millet, rye, and barley) and contains no bleached flour or high fructose corn syrup. The best part? Despite all of its wholesome contents, this loaf of bread looked shockingly similar to the ultra-processed white products sitting on the nearby shelves.

Now it was time for the real test: the taste. I bought the loaf and some sandwich fixin's and didn't say anything about the purchases to my husband. A few hours later, I walked into the living room to find him eating a sandwich (made on his own volition) without any comment or complaint about the bread. Nowadays, this is our go-to bread for sandwiches. Everything from PB&Js to turkey clubs is complimented by the mild taste and wonderfully fluffy texture of Dave's Killer Bread's White Done Right, and I feel good knowing it's a step in the right (whole-grain) direction.