Michelin-starred chef José Andrés and Tio Gazpacho are pairing up to create a new line of drinkable soups.
Credit: Photo: Rey Lopez

As plant-foward and healthy eating becomes more common in homes across the nation, creative techniques and recipes are popping up to incorporate more fruits and veggies. A regular appetizer at restaurants, gazpacho is quickly making the jump from dining out food to a household favorites. Packed with fresh produce, and very easy to make, this chilled vegetable soup adds a good nutrition boost to the dinner table.

Michelin-starred chef and National Humanities Medal winner, José Andrés, is the latest to launch into this veggie-forward realm with his plant-focused fast casual chain, Beefsteak. Named for the tomato variety, Beefsteak currently has six locations and focuses on seasonal and sustainable produce.

The chain's latest addition, Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho, is a new line of grab-and-go chilled soups that come in three flavors. Classic (tomato, green pepper, and cucumber), Yellow (yellow tomato, yellow pepper, and carrot), and Green (kale, spinach avocado, and mint). They're available at all D.C. area Beefsteak locations, as well as Philadelphia. 

“When I first tasted Tio Gazpacho I was so excited because he not only has perfected flavor, and found a beautiful way to play with colors and vegetable varieties but it’s also portable! So you can enjoy anywhere." said Andrés about Tio Gazpacho founder, Austin Allan.

Tio Gazpacho, the forerunner of the drinkable soup industry, launched in early 2015. A recent investment from food giant General Mills, along with the gazpacho company's pairing with veg-forward chefs, like José Andrés, shows that drinkable gazpachos seem to be here to stay.