Pick up a copy of Siriously Delicious for simple supper ideas, cocktails, desserts, and more.
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Credit: Photo: Amazon

Siri Daly leads a super busy life—she’s a TODAY show food contributor, full-time blogger, mom to three kids under 10, and wife to Carson Daly (host of the “The Voice” and TODAY show co-host). But she’s not stopping there. Her latest venture? Writing her first cookbook, Siriously Delicious ($19.99, Amazon), which packs 100 nutritious (and, ok, some more indulgent) recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, and cocktails.

We love the cookbook because it’s decidedly unfussy and straightforward—so there’s no need to make a trip to the specialty food store or spend hours babysitting a dish. And the recipes are impressive enough for date night, but simple enough to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Siri says, “I’m a mom. I have three kids, so I have to keep it real, approachable, and non-intimidating in the kitchen.” She also adds that the simple meals in her cookbook act as a perfect base to get creative because that they’re adaptable for different palates (read: picky eaters). Siri also injects helpful little notes throughout her cookbook to help you make a particular dish healthier, more decadent, or kid-friendly.

Siri says she can’t always get her sometimes-picky kids to eat healthy, but says “it’s all about balance and moderation.” That’s why you’ll find creative and family-friendly recipes like Hash Brown Egg Cups, Roasted Salmon with Chiles and Leeks, and Zucchini Brownies among the pages.

Siri says, “To me, healthy means feeling good about yourself, whether that means making a nutritious meal, taking a workout class, or having a girl’s night or therapy session. It’s being the best version of yourself.”

As far as a diet goes? Siri says it’s a balancing act, “like knowing when to eat chocolate chips out of the bag versus when to have a salad.”

Well said, Siri. We couldn’t agree more.