With 40% fewer calories, 75% less added sugar, and 85% less sat fat than the classic, you can get your healthy fats and eat your cake, too.
Credit: Victor Protasio

A tall cup of joe knows no better match than a wedge of coffee cake. But nutritionally, standard coffee cake does no favors: Packed with up to two sticks of butter, a trio of added sugars, and sour cream, the beloved breakfast classic comes in north of 500 calories with 13g sat fat (more than half the daily recommended limit) and a whopping 40g added sugar in a single slice.

To build a better breakfast cake that won’t send you into mid-morning nap mode, we start by building a whole-grain base bolstered with warm spices and brightened up with citrus juice and zest. The savory notes of olive oil lend complexity, while the oil’s characteristic fruitiness is accentuated by the citrus zest. The finished product: a bakery-quality coffee cake with a fraction of the sat fat, and only 333 calories.

Here’s an easy make-ahead breakfast that’ll have you set for the week.

What We Use

Olive Oil
Swap the butter for heart-healthy olive oil and you’ll shave off 8g sat fat per serving. Bonus: Using a liquid oil keeps the cake moist longer.

Pureed dates add caramel-like sweetness to the filling, boost fiber, and slash added sugar by 29g (that’s 7 teaspoons) per slice.

Protein-packed Greek yogurt does double duty: It adds moisture to the cake for a fraction of the sat fat of sour cream and creates an elegant glaze.

Orange-Walnut Coffee Cake

Credit: Victor Protasio

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