Happy National Fruitcake Day!

Wait! Before you click that 'Back' button, hear me out: I loathe fruitcake. Until I was in high school, I thought fruitcake wasn't something you ate as much as it was something you wrapped up as a Dirty Santa gift for the neighborhood get-together. When I realized you could actually eat that gelatinous mound of sparkling sugar, well, it was unappetizing as I suspected.

Still, however, fruitcake has its defenders -- people who actually don't mind taking it home when it's the only thing left on the dessert table, or those who secretly stockpile the green cellophane-wrapped loaves for hard times (like February, when the grocery store has finally tossed out the last Christmas clearance items).

All of my ill will to the fruitcake evaporated, however, when I tried Sidney Fry's Lighter Fruitcake. With actual fruit and not those neon-green maraschino cherries or candied pineapple pieces, this cake is a revelation -- a true hallmark of the holidays. Warm and hearty with a just-right hit of boozy apple brandy and tangy buttermilk, this cake is exactly the thing I want to celebrate with this National Fruitcake Day!

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