Today, the USDA and HHS released the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. For the most part, their recommendations are exactly what we've been preaching for some time: more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, fewer animal products. They made news with two recommendations: a sugar cap and a lift on the cholesterol limit (Yay! Eggs are good for you again!).

Because we have espoused many of these healthy-eating guidelines for quite some time, we have an entire arsenal of recipes ready to fuel curious eaters looking to balance their plates while still enjoying their favorite foods. Take a look at what a healthy, delicious day would look like if you following the new USDA nutrition guidelines.

With these dishes, your daily counts equal 1,961mg sodium and just 11g added sugar! You've even got a little room to add  a serving of fruit or some whole-grain pretzels with your lunch and a glass of wine at dinner! That's a lot of healthy, filling food for your nutritional buck.

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