Your dairy outlook is about to change.

This article originally appeared on MIMI.By Kelly Bryant 

Whole milk became taboo years ago when there was a government campaign to stay away from the full-fat stuff in favor of skim milk. But now scientific research may start changing their tune.

The diet and health records of thousands of folks were recorded over the course of a decade by a research team, who found those consuming more milk fat actually had a lower rate of heart disease, according to a story that ran in the Washington Post.

Prepare to be even more surprised: The same story also quoted a professor of epidemiology at the University of Texas who previously published studies in a similar vein who says there are actually benefits to some high-fat foods.

As we've previously learned – it's really the kind of fat you're consuming that makes the difference of whether it's bad for you or not. Fats in avocado and fish have health benefits, while trans fats involved in heavy fried foods are most definitely not.

Hmmm… maybe we should start adding a glass of whole milk to our weekend brunch routine.

Interestingly, Americans seem to be embracing whole milk more even prior to this news coming to light. In the earlier part of 2015, whole milk sales were up by 11 percent while skim milk was down by 14 percent.

Between this report and summer's big news that milk chocolate might actually be good for us, things are really looking up in the food world.

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