We all know what to eat when we get sick, but do you know what to eat for preventing illness? 

By Hayley Sugg
March 21, 2017
Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

While no person (or food) can guarantee you won't get the sniffles, or the dreaded flu, this year, help increase your likelihood of staying healthy by eating these immunity-boosting recipes. Easy to drink or slurp, these warm recipes will be satisfying cooler weather recipes even if you're not looking for a cure-all.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Buckwheat Honey Hot Toddy

When it comes to soothing cold and flu-like aches and pains, a warm Hot Toddy spiked with ‘the good stuff’ can definitely do the trick on a cold night. Buckwheat honey also lends the benefits of antioxidant-rich honey as well as a dark, molasses-like sweetness.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Super Immunity Mushroom Barley Soup

If you are a friend of fungi, you will be happy to hear that mushrooms have been praised for their immune-boosting qualities for centuries. This soup combines the healing powers of mushrooms with fiber-rich barley and Vitamin C-rich kale to help defend against germs and bad bacteria.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Elderberry, Pomegranate, and Apple Cider Vinegar Spritzer

Apple cider vinegar is all the rage for its seeming cure-all health benefits, but isn’t exactly easy to drink. Antioxidant-rich elderberry and pomegranate juice soothes the sting of vinegar while settling any stomach blues with sparkling water for this spritzer.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Golden Vegetable Soup

Turmeric is in the spotlight for super immunity foods at the moment, but with its pungent flavor and oftentimes off-putting texture, it can be a hard sell. A rich and creamy Golden Vegetable soup disguises turmeric into a silky puree with Vitamin A-rich sweet potatoes and carrots.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Green Tea and Ginger Tonic

Refreshing ginger and mint steep in antioxidant abundant green tea, for a supremely soothing tonic. If enjoying before bedtime, opt for decaffeinated green tea bags for an easier sleep.