Unlike beer, which varies widely in calories, wine is consistent at 125 per glass. But beer is preportioned; wine is not. How do you keep portions under control when it's time to uncork a 750-milliliter bottle? Try these tricks:

Order By The GlassRestaurants like to pour liberally around the table. If you do order a whole bottle, share it with a few friends.

Watch the WhiteThere's not much color contrast between a clear glass and white wine, which can lead you to pour more than you should.

Downsize GlassesChoose a smaller glass, like a narrow white wine glass. Studies show the bigger the glass, the more your pour.

Portion the BottleA standard 750-milliliter wine bottle holds around 25 ounces, or five (5-ounce) servings.

Table the GlassIn a recent study, participants poured 12% more wine when they held the glass. Set it on the table instead when you pour.

*When we tested the Cooking Light staff's wine pouring abilities, 63% poured more than the recommended amount. And while the average pour was a little over 6 ounces, at least a third said they'd likely have more than one glass.

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