Now that the holiday party season is upon us, the questions have started rolling in from friends and family about how to not gain those unwanted holiday pounds while still enjoying all the favorite treats of the season. It’s no secret that it does take a little discipline, and maybe an extra few minutes at the gym, but it is possible to have the best of both worlds—good food and drinks sans weight gain.

We dug in to share some of our favorite tips and tricks with you in our holiday video series. Make sure to check out these short videos for more ideas.

  • Don’t come to the party hungry.
  • Load up at least half of your plate with fruits and veggies first.
  • Enjoy small portions of indulgent foods.
  • Watch out for extra-large wine glasses.
  • Drink water between each alcoholic beverage.
  • Use calorie-free mixers.
  • Choose the most “nutritious” option (pumpkin pie vs chocolate cake)
  • “Sample” your dessert by choosing a smaller portion or sharing with a friend